We teach independence, life and social skills to young adults with additional needs to aid their transition into adulthood so that they can live meaningful, healthy, fulfilled and sociable lives.

Lily Rose Day Provision

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Preparing for Adulthood

Young Adulthood is a challenging time for everyone. 

Post-College, individual's are faced with huge change and it may leave them with more questions than answers. What's next?

The unknown causes a great deal of anxiety for all people - this is especially true for individuals with additional needs. 

Some may learn to drive, get a job, meet friends and have relationships but for others it's not so simple. 

What can you do if the world tells you to be an adult but you're not ready for it?

Lily Rose Day Provision is the bridge for these young adults to safely learn skills, make friends and transition naturally into adulthood without a time-frame.

Whether it takes 6 months or 10+ years, we want to join them on their journey through life and help them build the skills and confidences to achieve their aspirations - whatever they may be.

Peace of Mind



"Like home away from home, the support, encouragement and friendship, far exceeds anything we have ever experienced. Activities are well planned, safe and above all lot of fun! It is an extremely valuable resource to us as a family and we are so grateful to be able to avail of it. Thank you so much for all you do."

- Sharon, Parent

Home of MiLi Club!

Join us at MiLi Club - where we host a ton of fun, inclusive games, activities & outings for young adults with additional needs.